Friday, August 22, 2014

You'll be Remembered, A.S.

Song by Coldplay

I think of you
I haven't slept
I think I do
But I don't forget
My body moves
Goes where I will
But though I try my heart stays still
It never moves
Just won't be left
And so my mouth waters to be a fate
And you're always in my head
You're always in my head
You're always in my head...

Well, time goes by so fast, huh? You know, at first, I was panicked, I was lost, I was terribly missing you and tearing apart. Until I sense, that you never really walk away. You're always in my head. You're still here with me (and all of your friends), you will give me courage to do all the marketing stuff in our business, tickle me with your crunchy jokes, fool me with your funny face, and teach me to bear the burdens. You were just being the early person reached the finish line. That's all.

© Ichacho
Maira Gall