Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The Monsters are Only in Our Heads

In our lives, sometimes we are afraid to take a step
We are afraid to change
We are afraid to start
We are afraid to get out
We are afraid to face
We are afraid of failure
We are afraid of death
And other billions of things we might think they are scary

But you know what? It’s normal. And it’s very human.

I can’t sleep because tomorrow I’ll be on my first ride by train alone
I can’t sleep thinking what my father’s doing right now in his office
I’m afraid I fail making a great design for my best friend
I’m not sure I’m a good figure for my brother
I hesitate that I will bring my business into success
I hesitate that I am skillful enough to be fashion creator
I’m afraid that what I have today will be gone tomorrow

But after several breaths, I realize, I have to beat those fears

Fears only live in our heads
Fears are not reality unless we let them in
Even in some cases, we have to face inevitable fears,
It’s okay. Face them. Solve them. Understand them
Let them come to make us wiser
Let them come to make us greater

For fear is nothing and we are something,
Do not give up
Keep our faith
Fight back

(PS. I currently in love with this song below which belongs to Lauren Aquilina. Guess it is motivating so I made a cover for you. Enjoy my cracky voice!)

© Ichacho
Maira Gall