Saturday, February 28, 2015

Set Up a Fashion Accessories Label

Well, so here I am! As happy as a mother give birth to her first child! I just launched my 'child' which is a fashion accessories label, a week ago. It was enchanting to set up something and finally made it. Hard work hard wok hard wok! That's all I have to do since to sell fashion accessories might not be as easy peasy lemon squeezy as selling daily goods. First and last, I really would love to thank Widya and Gerry as my partners to reach my dream (it becomes our dream now! haha). Thank you for always be here and there and wherever this business goes. I believe we can turn this into something stronger and bigger within 3 months. I do really believe and lets make this comes true! However, it still tickles me to recall the memory of our first meeting in Noah's Barn coffee shop, we did away with the fairies to imagine how would be our products look like, who would do the endorsement, and how we got the business' initial capital. Started from that moment we kept living the dream and made some actions; from looked for the bloody-difficult-to-find fabric printing for 100cm x 100cm scarves until arranged a photoshoot with our models and bloody-cool-photographer-friend. Now the endorsement is still undergoing and we also just made distribution to online apparel shop. We just can't give ourselves up to climb the mountain and reach the top no matter how long it will take. 

So, ladies and gents, present to you the fashion accessories label called Start From The Bottom which you'll hear as something popular in the very soon period (amin). In this business lays the dream of the creators as to love and appreciate fashion and art at the same time and through a simple way.

For those who are curious upon the label, you can check our Facebook fan page. Or go to our Instagram account. 

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Letter for the Future of Me

So, am getting influenced by a friend from twitter, @azwitasari, to write a letter for 30 year old self. Of course thing like this happens multiple times in front my eyes, watching people write the letter for the future of selves, but never crossed my mind to make one for my own. So hereby, throughout today’s post, I make an attempt to make one in the ground of it can remind me of what I have to be in the future and who I was back then.

Dear my 30-year-old-self,

I hope you’re still as healthy as I am. I always believe that our body is stronger than an ox’s and the endurance is far beyond normal human. I never get myself hospitalized so I really hope it never happen to you either. But don’t worry; a cup of coffee for a day won’t hurt since I know we love it! I really hope you’re happy with your job and get the best career path ever. Either work as consultant, investor, or manager in multinational company, I hope you can both enjoy your time and suck money excessively for our business capital. Well, forgive my materialism but you’re young lady! I know you could earn much! You have to achieve our dreams! Dad told us not to be the slave of money but create our own money instead. I hope you’ve already prepared the big plan for our fashion and culinary business! I can’t wait to see you decorate every inch of the store. I wonder what will our customers look like, how wide they can afford to smile seeing and feeling our product, and how long they can be as loyal fans of our brand! And, you need to be an investor in the meantime of your career as it was Dad’s dream. Please don’t forget that investor thingy and be the conglomerate of yourself! Phew, sorry for talking too long about your job and career, I know you might journey a stressful and down-hearted moment but be strong! You’re nearer to be free as entrepreneur.

How’s your romance? I hope you finally settle down into our prince charming which by means a Christian, smarter than us, taller than us, a doctor/businessman, loves books and arts, calmer than us, and love us with his bloody whole heart. I hope enjoy your every second with him going to bookstore, choosing what snacks to buy, sharing beds, cooking simple dish, brushing the cat, and else. You know I die in curiosity thinking of what does he look like. In fact, I also wonder the kids! I hope you get enough kids, two is tolerable, but if you have more then it’s still definitely okay. I’m sure you can love your kids with the sweetest way by managing their education and be at their side every time they need you. Enjoying the music orchestra together, visiting art museums, having trip around Asia and Europe; have you done those with them? If no, then you should start now! Above all, I hope you can cook (at least) a simple dish even actually I do really hope you can reach further achievement of cooking a complicated dish in the grounds you are a good wife and mother they believe in (haha! Come on girl!).

How are Dad, Mom, and Rey? I hope they are proud and happy for your life. You are the first child in the family; thus you have to be their pride and I know you have carried it on. Have you given treat by taking them into some cool places like Vatican, Greece, and Maldives? I hope at least to Vatican you’ve ever brought them to. They’ll love that sacred city ever since. And as we know, it’s always a touching moment to see the smiles coming from their faces. Don’t forget to look after your parents and inviting them into your house frequently because Dad and Mom love to enjoy the enormity of your house (even I think they only yearn for time to be with you).

Well, I know you’re tiredly tired. But still keep living the world you want to live in okay? I believe you can reach our dreams and helping people around you. See you on your 40 and be the light among the sea of people.

Your 20-year-old-self
© Ichacho
Maira Gall